Ta-Da List

Yet another MV* TODO list.

The front-end is using React/Redux, and the back-end is using the Python Flask framework.


Please make sure the following components have successfully installed on target machine:

  • Python 3.5
  • Node 8
  • NPM
  • Git

File Structure

Here are the main folders and files for this project.

 ├-server                     **Backend Flask server source files**
 │   ├-app.py                 **Server entry point**
 │   ├-data.json              **Data store file**
 │   └-data.json.template     **Data store initialize file**
 ├-src                        **Frontend source files**
 │   ├-actions
 │   ├-components
 │   ├-constants
 │   ├-containers
 │   ├-middleware             **Middleware to connect redux with flask**
 │   ├-reducers
 │   └-index.js               **Frontend entry point**
 ├-index.html                 **Template for main page**
 ├-package.json               **Nodejs package info & command for the App**
 ├-requirments.txt            **Python package file**
 └-webpack.config.js          **Webpack configuration to build front end**


Recommanded steps on MacOS

  1. Download the source code:
git clone https://github.com/NoahDragon/tada-list.git tada
  1. Install dependencies:
cd tada
pip install -r requirements.txt
npm install --no-optional
  1. Build:
npm run build # In win32, this command has tested in CMD terminal.
  1. Start the server:
npm run server # In win32, this command has tested in CMD terminal.


  1. Run lint:
npm run lint

Only run python lint:

npm run lint-py # TODO: Fix the exception calling this command.

Only run javascript lint:

npm run lint-js
  1. Run test:
npm run test

Only run python test:

npm run test-py

Only run javascript test:

npm run test-js # TODO: Have NOT implemented.